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Beef Labelling (Enforcement) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2001 (S.R. No. 271 of 2001).

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These Regulations provide for the enforcement in Northern Ireland of Community Regulations on beef labelling. They provide for the enforcement of the compulsory and voluntary beef labelling schemes established by the above Community instruments. Regulation 3 provides that the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is the competent authority for the purposes of those schemes, while regulation 4 sets out enforcement authorities. By regulation 5 it is made an offence for persons engaged in the marketing of beef to fail to comply with the applicable requirements of the compulsory and voluntary beef labelling schemes. It is also made an offence to fail to comply with the requirements of a notice served by an authorized officer requiring the removal from sale of beef which has been wrongly labelled and marketed. The Regulations also confer powers of entry, inspection, sampling and seizure on authorized officers (regs. 6 and 7) and make provision for the protection of officers acting in good faith (reg. 8). Further provision is made in respect of offences.
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These Regulations will come into force 20 August 2001.
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