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Cocoa and Chocolate Products Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003 (S.R. No. 313 of 2003).

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The Regulations: (a) prescribe definitions and reserved descriptions for designated cocoa and chocolate products; (b) specify the vegetable fats, other than cocoa butter, which may be added to particular chocolate products; (c) apply the Regulations to designated cocoa and chocolate products intended for human consumption and ready for delivery to the ultimate consumer or to a catering establishment; (d) restrict the use of reserved descriptions to the designated cocoa and chocolate products to which they relate; (e) require reserved descriptions and specified declarations to be applied to designated cocoa and chocolate products, prescribe the manner of marking or labelling and apply specified provisions of the Food Labelling Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1996; (f) specify a penalty, enforcement responsibilities and a defence in relation to exports; (g) apply various provisions of the Food Safety (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 .
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