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Food Safety (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 (S.I. 1991 No. 762 (N.I. 7)).

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An Order to provide with respect to the control of food safety and hygiene in Northern Ireland. The text of the Order consists of 51 sections which are divided into 4 Parts: Preliminary (I); General provisions as to food (II); Administration and enforcement (III); Miscellaneous and supplemental (IV). Sections of Part II are placed under 5 Headings; Food safety (6-12); Consumer protection (13-14); Regulations (15-18); Defences etc. (19-21); Miscellaneous and supplemental (22-25). The Order does also apply to fish products.
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Last amendment was made by the Food Safety, Food Hygiene and Official Controls (Sprouting Seeds and Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2013. Document generated on 30 June 2020. There are outstanding changes not yet made by the editorial team to The Food Safety (Northern Ireland) Order 1991. (See end of Document for details) View outstanding changes.
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