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Common Agricultural Policy (Wine) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2004 (S.I. No. 2599 (W.232) of 2004).

Type of law

These Regulations: (a) make changes to the rules to be observed before a table wine originating in Wales may be described as a "regional wine" and changes to the geographical indications that may be used for the designation of such wines (reg. 2(b) and Schedule 3); (b) provide for the accreditation of organisers of organoleptic assessment panels to determine whether a table wine is of a satisfactory organoleptic standard for a regional wine (reg. 2(b)); (c) update references to European Community legislation by making changes to the definitions in the 2001 Regulations (reg. 2(a)), substituting a new Schedule 1 to the 2001 Regulations (reg. 6(9)(f) and Schedule 2); and (d) make a minor change to the vine varieties which may be used in the production of quality wines psr (reg. 2(b)).
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Coming into force on 18 October 2004.
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in force
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