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Common Agricultural Policy (Wine) (Wales) Regulations 2001 (No. 2193 (W.155) of 2001).

Type of law

These Regulations provide for the enforcement of EC Regulations concerned with the production and marketing of wine and related products. They: (a) designate authorities for the purposes of enforcement (reg. 3); (b) define "medium dry" for the purposes of labelling and description (reg. 4); (c) specify the vine varieties classified for the production of wine in Eales (reg. 5); (d) specify conditions for the use of geographical indications for the designation of table wine (reg. 6); (e) provide for powers of inspection and enforcement (reg. 7); (f) authorize controls on the movement of wine-sector products (regs. 8 and 9); (g) provide for reviews of prohibitions etc. on movement of wine-sector products and notification of rights of review (regs. 8(3) and 10); (h) relieve authorized officers of personal liability for acts done by them in execution of the Regulations (reg. 11); (h) confer on courts before which proceedings are brought powers in relation to the analysis and examination of samples (reg. 12); (i) specify the regions in England and Northern Ireland for producing quality wines (reg. 13); (j) specify the minimum natural alcoholic strength, maximum yield per hectare and analytical test in the production of quality wine and permit the production of such wine in areas of immediate proximity to the specified regions and designate the competent body to deal with such wine (regs. 14 to 18); and (k) prescribe offences and penalties and provide defences (regs .19 to 24).
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Coming into force on 1 August 2001.
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