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Drinking Milk Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1998 (S.R. No. 359 of 1998).

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These Regulations make provisions for the enforcement and execution of Council Regulation (EC) No. 2597/97 laying down additional rules on the common organization of the market in milk and milk products for drinking milk The Regulations : (a) prohibit the sale or delivery of milk, or the use of or failure to use a sales description for any product, in contravention of the Council Regulation (reg.3); (b) prohibit the importation from outside the European Community of a product for sale as drinking milk in contravention of the Council Regulation (reg. 4); (c) specify the enforcement authority (reg. 5) and create offences and prescribe a penalty (reg. 6); (d) provide a defence in relation to exports, in accordance with Articles 2 and 3 of Council Directive 89/397/EC on the official control of foodstuffs, as read with the ninth recital to that Directive (reg. 7); (e) apply various provisions of the Food Safety (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 (reg. 8); (f) revoke the statutory provisions specified in the Schedule to the extent specified (reg. 9), and make consequential amendments (reg. 10).
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These Regulations will come into force on 1 December, 1998.
These Regulations revoke the Regulations specified in the Schedule to the extent specified in regulation 9, and make consequential amendments specified in regulation 10.
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