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Environmental Stewardship (England) Regulations 2005 (S.I. No. 621 of 2005).

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The Regulations establish a scheme (the Environmental Stewardship ) under which the Secretary of State may make grants for the management of land. Regulation 3 enables the Secretary of State to make a grant to any person who enters into, and complies with, the conditions of an environmental stewardship agreement with the Secretary of State. The agreement must require the beneficiary to carry out an activity which is conducive to a specified purpose on land in which he has an interest. It also provides for the variation of the conditions of such agreements. Regulation 4 provides that an application for such a grant shall include an application to enter into an environmental stewardship agreement. It also provides, with Schedule 1, for the making of a grant in respect of a plan identifying the features of environmental significance on the farm (or common), land from which is included in an application to enter into an environmental stewardship agreement. Regulation 5 provides that all environmental stewardship agreements must contain specified elements. Regulation 6 and Schedule 3 provide for the calculation of the amount of grant in respect of each type of agreement.
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Entry into force on 2 April 2005.
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