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Forestry (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 (S.S.I. No. 113 of 2017).

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These Regulations apply in relation to Scotland, and in relation to projects of afforestation, deforestation, forest road works and forest quarry works. They transpose Directive 2011/92/EU on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment, as it is amended by Directive 2014/52/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. The Regulations impose procedural requirements in relation to the consideration of applications to carry out certain forestry projects which are likely to have significant effects on the environment ( EIA forestry projects ). Those require the consent of the Forestry Commissioners ( EIA consent ) and must be carried out in accordance with that EIA consent. The Regulations set out the conditions under which such EIA consent may be granted, which includes the performance of an environmental impact assessment ( EIA ) and the requirement for the Forestry Commissioners to take into account environmental information mandatory conditions for every EIA consent, to the effect that every EIA forestry project must be started within five years and completed within ten years of the relevant EIA consent being granted. Procedures for determining whether a forestry project is an EIA forestry project are prescribed. The Regulations also, among other things, concern information relating to EIA to made available to the public, provide for consultation between EEA States where a forestry project is likely to have significant effects on the environment in another EEA State and deal with appeals to the Scottish Ministers and applications to the Court of Session.
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