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Sea Defences Act.

Type of law
Date of original text

This Act concern waterworks to prevent floods and the protection of the foreshore. The 27 sections of the Act are divided into 7 Parts; Without title (sects. 1-2); Supervision of Defences (sects. 3-4); Works of Defence (sects. 5-12); Protection of Foreshore (sects. 13-16); Appeals (sects. 17); Loans for Works (sects. 18-19); Miscellaneous Provisions (sects. 20-27).
Sections concerning the protection of coastal areas carry the following titles: Regulations for the protection of foreshore (sect. 13), Prohibition of Acts Endangering Foreshore (sect. 14), Notice Board on Foreshore Forbidding Damage (sect. 15), Acts for the Protection of a Foreshore (sect. 16). The Act establishes the procedure to be followed for the execution of works, upon authorization of the Minister. Further provisions concern the apportionment of costs and the re-payment on loan for the execution of works.
Long title of text
An Act to secure the maintenance of the sea, river, and outer dams of estates.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated edition of Act No. 2 of 1883 (Cap. 64:01) authorized by L.R.O. 3/1998.
Serial Imprint
Laws of Guyana, pp. 1-11.
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