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Regulation on the sealing procedure and handling of temporarily seized fishery products, fishing tools and equipment and other items for which an offense has been committed

Type of law

This Regulation, based on the provisions of the Croatian Law on marine fisheries, Law on freshwater fisheries and Law on aquaculture, prescribes: the procedure for sealing fishery and aquaculture products, fishing tools and equipment, vessels, facilities and means of transport and/or containers and other objects used to commit the offense; handling of temporarily seized fishery and aquaculture products, fishing tools and equipment, and other items with which the offense was committed; handling of fishing gear and equipment found discarded or unmarked in/and at sea and inland fishing waters. The Annex contains specific administrative forms and sheets.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This text entered into force eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette (published on 25 August 2021).
Publication reference
Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia 93/2021
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Pravilnik o postupku plombiranja i postupanju s privremeno oduzetim proizvodima ribarstva, ribolovnim alatima i opremom te drugim predmetima kojima je po injen prekr aj.