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Act No. CXXVIII of 2011 concerning disaster management and amending certain related acts.

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This Act declares that disaster management is a national matter and it is duty of the State. It is composed of eight chapters. This Act shall be applied, in order to prevent disasters in the territory of Hungary, to human activities threatening with disaster, in case of danger, disaster, and if prevention is necessary against the harmful effects of a disaster. Chapter II provides for the governance of disaster recovery, including the tasks of the Government and governmental coordination, of the minister in charge of disaster management, of local governmental offices and of local commissions for protection, of the mayor, of services, of voluntary organizations. Anybody perceiving or having information of a disaster or the hazard thereof, must report it to the disaster recovery authorities, to the local fire-service and to the mayor s office. Chapter III contains detailed rules regarding disaster recovering organs under the control of the minister and their tasks. Chapter IV regards the prevention of serious accidents involving hazardous substances. Chapter V contains the definition of risk of disaster and of danger, and provides for extraordinary measures to be taken by the Government in case of danger. Chapter VI regulates the operation of the civil protection service and the obligation of providing economic and material services. Chapter VII provides for the reimbursement of expenses for preparative actions and for recovery, and their cover.
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The consolidated version of the Act entered into force on 6 May 2014.
Publication reference
Magyar K zl ny 113. sz m, 2011. okt ber 3., pp. 28842-28890.
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2011. vi CXXVIII. t rv ny a katasztr fav delemr l s a hozz kapcsol d egyes t rv nyek m dos t s r l