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Act No. LXXXVI of 2007 on electricity and Governmental Decree No. 273 of 2007 (X.19.) implementing certain provisions of the Act.

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The purpose of this Act is: to create an efficient electricity market; to exercise the principles of energy efficiency and conservation in the interest of sustainable development; to ensure the access to electricity; to supply electricity to the consumers in a safe and smooth way, of adequate quality and at a transparent price; to protect efficiently the interests of consumers; to integrate national electricity market into EU markets; to promote the establishment of new generation capacity and new network infrastructures, and the access of new actors on the electricity market; to promote the generation of electricity using renewable energy sources and wastes. The Act must be applied to: (a) the generation, transmission, distribution, trade and consumption of electricity; (b) the operation of the electricity grid and ancillary services thereof; (c) the establishment, operation and decommissioning of electrical installations, customer connection systems, consumer equipment and direct lines; (d) licensing in the electricity sector. The Act consists of 24 Chapters (and of 184 Articles) dealing with the following matters: general provisions (Chapt. 1); electric energy production (Chapt. 2); common rules regarding the transmission system control, the distribution of electricity and the network licensees (Chapt. 3); access to networks (Chapt. 4); direct line, private line (Chapt. 5); measurement and meter reading (Chapt. 6); electricity trading (Chapt. 7); organized electricity market (Chapt. 8); consumers right and consumers to be protected (Chapt. 9); terms of business (Chapt. 10); general requisites of electric energy industry activities (Chapt. 11); partition of the activities (Chapt. 12); promotion of competition in the electricity market (Chapt. 13); licensing procedure of the building authority (Chapt. 14); electricity supply malfunction (Chapt. 15); price regulation (Chapt. 16); other financial provisions (Chapt. 17); supplying of data, confidentiality of information, secrecy (Chapt. 18); legal status, duties and competencies of the Hungarian National Energy Agency (Chapt. 19); mandatory provisions (Chapt. 20); transitional provisions (Chapt.21); modified laws (Chapt. 22); repealed laws (Chapt. 24).
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The consolidated version of the Act entered into force on 17 May 2013.
The text of the Act is unified with its implementing decree. The text of the Act is set out in bold.
Publication reference
Magyar K zl ny 86. sz m, 2007. j lius 2., pp. 6354-6409.
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2007. vi LXXXVI. t rv ny a villamos energi r l