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Decree No. 17 of 1999 of the Ministry of Health on the allowable level of chemical contamination of food.

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This Decree must be applied for the analyses of chemical contamination of raw foodstuffs, ingredients and processed food. Contamination of food must be kept at the lowest level possible using appropriate preventive measures. The presence of banned additives or the level of authorized additives which exceeds the maximum allowable limit must be considered as chemical contamination. Maximum residue limits of pesticides are comprised in Annex 1, the allowable limit of technological contamination is determined in Annex 2, the maximum level of environmental contamination is specified in Annex 3, standards for maximum biological contamination of food is determined in Annex 4, the level of allowable content of contaminants of natural origin is specified in Annex 5. Foodstuffs exceeding the specified limit values, determined for residues and contamination deriving from chemical substance, may not be sold on the market. Stocks of contaminated foodstuffs should be stored separately and should be reported to the competent authority.
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