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Council Regulation (EEC) No. 315/93 laying down Community procedures for contaminants in food.

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This Regulation concerns contaminants contained in food. This Regulation shall not apply to contaminants which are the subject of more specific Community rules. Food containing a contaminant in an amount, which is unacceptable from the public health viewpoint and in particular at a toxicological level, shall not be placed on the market. Furthermore, contaminant levels shall be kept as low as can reasonably be achieved by following good practices at all the stages referred to in article 1. Provisions, which may have an effect upon public health, shall be adopted after consultation of the Scientific Committee for Food. (9 articles)
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This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 March 1993.
An unofficial consolidated version of the present Regulation as amended last by Regulation (EC) No 596/2009 of 18 June 2009 is attached.
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CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 37, 13 February 1993, pp. 1-3.
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