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Decree No. 22 of 1996 of the Ministry of Agriculture on veterinary products.

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This Decree regulates the production, supply, marketing and utilization of national and imported drugs for animals. The producers of registered drugs and of telespecific vaccines have to obtain production permits from the Ministry. The importation of drugs shall be authorized periodically. All veterinary drugs, except personalized drugs and telespecific vaccines, may be marketed if registered in Hungary and with authorization (valid for five years). The issuance, renewal, modification and withdrawal of marketing licences for drugs shall be published in the official gazette of the Ministry. Registered drugs can be prescribed for food producing animals, taking into account the effects on human consumption. Production and marketing of drugs must be controlled by the territorially competent animal health and food control station. Sanctions may be applied by the stations. Annex 1 determines the rules of production of registered veterinary products. Annex 2 regulates the testing of experimental substances. Labelling requirements for registered veterinary products are set forth in Annex 4.
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Jurix Collection of Hungarian Rules of Law, WWW, Hungary.
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