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Law No. XCI of 1995 on animal health.

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This Law provides for: (i) the keeping and marketing of animals (including wild animals); (ii) the processing, storage, utilization and marketing of products, foodstuffs of animal origin, feedstuffs; (iii) the control of contagious and infection-transmiting materials and instruments; (iv) the maintenance, examination and medical treatment of animals; (v) the production, marketing, storage and utilization of veterinary products; (vi) public animal health labs; (vii) certain activities related to pathogens of animal diseases; (viii) authorization and control of all these activities. Section II deals with the protection of animal health, providing for veterinary requisites for the keeping of animals. Provisions on veterinary, public health, animal health and environmental protection shall be observed and enforced during the transport and marketing of animals, the production, storage and marketing of foodstuffs of animal origin and other products. Obligations and rights of breeders and veterinarians are set forth in article 5. Articles 6-8 provide for measures to be taken in cases of epidemics. Annex 1 lists the diseases which should be reported to the competent authorities by the veterinarian. In case of damages caused by emergency provisions, owners of slaughtered or dead animals and of any object destroyed are entitled to compensation by the State, except for cases determined in article 8(4). The neutralization of animal carcasses and by-products is covered by articles 9-12. Article 13 deals with cattle licences. Articles 14-19 provide rules on the marketing and transport of animals. The production and testing of veterinary products requires a permit and their import, marketing and utilization in Hungary are subject to registration (articles 20-22). Section III covers administrative and management competencies of the minister, of the Ministry of Agriculture, of animal health stations as territorial organs, of veterinarians as public officers of the stations, of other institutes, of local governments and of the National Veterinary Chamber. This section also deals with measures which can be taken by authorities competent in animal health, the duties and authority of the Minister, of the Ministry and of the National Veterinary Council, the duties of the stations, of the chief veterinarian of the district, of public veterinarians and of local governments. Article 43 provides for penalties.
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Compendium of Hungarian Rules of Law in Force.
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