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Decree No. 220 of 2004 (VII. 21.) Korm. of the Government providing rules on the protection of surface waters quality.

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The purpose of this Decree is the maintenance of safe water use, the protection of human health and the environment, the prevention and reduction of pollution. Therefore, this Decree provides rules for the conservation and improvement surface waters quality, the achievement and maintenance of good water conditions, and ensuring the necessary conditions for the survival of aquatic, wetland and waterside habitats and living organisms. This Decree contains general rules on the protection of surface waters quality, on the obligations of the emitters, and on the emission of waste waters in Articles 4-9. The Decree establishes that different standards for different technologies, for territorial categories and for catchments areas shall be determined in separate rules. The norms on the determination of emission limits by the water management authority and special rules regarding common sewage disposal and treatment are set out also. Articles 16-18. deal with the authorization of waste water emission. Inspection and control of emissions, data reporting where self-inspection is prescribed, penalties and other sanctions are regulated as well in this Decree. Annex 1 lists substances which are dangerous for surface waters. Annex 2 determines the method of calculation of the waste water emission penalty and the amount of water protection penalty.
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The latest consolidated text of the Decree entered into force on 1 January 2014.
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220/2004. (VII. 21.) Korm. rendelet a felsz ni vizek min s ge v delm nek szab lyair l