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Decree No. 65 of 2011 (VII 11.) of the Ministry of Rural Development regarding the recognition of local varieties and horticultural varieties of vegetable species and regarding the production and marketing of their seeds.

Type of law

This Decree must be applied to the registration in the National Vegetable Varieties Catalogue of: autochthonous varieties of endangered vegetable species which are naturally acclimatized to the regional, environmental and local ecological conditions (local varieties); vegetable varieties grown for use in special conditions which have not a significant commercial and productive value (horticultural varieties); and it applies to the production and marketing of seeds of these varieties. The registration procedure of varieties is determined in detail by this Decree. The request of registration must be presented to the Central Agricultural Office which is also the decision making organ. The Plant Diversity Center cooperates during the registration procedure with the Central Agricultural Office. Seed production and marketing are regulated in detail as well.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
On 15 July 2011.
Publication reference
Magyar K zl ny 78. sz m, 2011. j lius 11., pp.22840-22847.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
65/2011. (VII. 11.) VM rendelet a z lds gn v ny fajok t jfajt inak s h zikerti fajt inak elismer s r l, valamint vet magvaik el ll t si s forgalomba hozatali felt teleir l