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Decree No. 75 of 2003 (VII. 4.) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on the classification of carcasses after slaughter.

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In accordance with Law No. XVI of 2003 on the agrarian market regulation, this Decree promotes the production and commerce of animal for slaughter, of quality meat and meat products. This Decree must be applied to the classification of carcasses and meat. Slaughterhouses must have a classification area that must be authorized by the Central Agricultural Office, and classification must be carried out by authorized classifying organizations or persons. Requisites which must be met by classifying organizations and officers are comprised in Articles 6-12. The rules of the classification procedure are also covered by this Decree in Articles 13-15. The governing and controlling bodies responsible for classification and carrying out other duties connected with classification are the Ministry and the Central Agricultural Office in collaboration of authorized product councils.
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The consolidated text of the Decree entered into force on 30 October 2013.
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75/2003. (VII. 4.) FVM rendelet a v g llatok v g s ut ni min s t s r l