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Law No. LV. of 1996 on the protection, management and hunting of wildlife.

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The Law is composed of 8 chapters: Preliminary provisions (1); Protection of game and its habitat (2); Game management (3); Hunting (4); Responsibilities for damages caused by game and for damages caused by hunters (5); Contributions and penalties (6); Duties and competencies of public administration (7); Final provisions (8).
Chapter 1 governs the exercise and leasing of hunting rights. The owner of land which is qualified as hunting grounds is entitled to hunting rights inherent to landownership. This chapter deals also with: the qualification of lands as hunting grounds; the ownership of game; the determination of boundaries of hunting grounds and their final use (game management or special purpose); the establishment of game reserves for hunting and breeding purposes and for research and educational purposes; the registration of hunting grounds; the compulsory exercise of hunting rights. Chapter 3 regulates game management to be carried out on the basis of district plans, long term (ten-year) operational plans prepared for hunting grounds, and annual game management plans. The Minister shall keep a National Game Management Archive. The employment of official hunters is provided for in this chapter as well. Chapter 4 deals, in particular, with hunting licences, examinations for hunters, hunting gear, hunting rules and trophy judging. Chapter 7 determines the competent administrative authorities being the Ministry of Agriculture and its territorial branches. An advisory and proposal-making body, the National Game Management Council and its territorial councils are established by Article 93.
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First entry into force on 1 March 1997.
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Official Gazette of Hungary 3 July 1996.
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in force
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1996. vi LV. t rv ny a vad v delm r l, a vadgazd lkod sr l, valamint a vad szatr l.