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Natural Gas Supply Act (No. XLII )

Type of law

The purpose of this Act shall be to supply the customers with natural gas with due regard to the nature and the environment and ensuring energy efficiency. It shall be applicable to: (a) transmission through pipelines, distribution, storage, trade, public utility wholesale, public utility supply, system operation and utilisation of the natural gas; (b) supply of liquefied propane-, butane gases and their mixtures through pipeline, their distribution in tanks or containers and their official supervision. The Act is composed of nine Chapters dealing with the following matters: introductory provisions (Chapt. 1); competence of Energy Office (Chapt. 2); licensing (Chapt. 3); natural gas supply (Chapt. 4); legal relationship between public utility supplier and captive customer (Chapt. 5); price setting (Chapt. 6); unbundling of activities (Chapt. 7); restrictions on participation in licensed natural gas undertakings (Chapt. 8); closing provisions (Chapt. 9). Energy Office shall have the following competencies: (a) to issue, modify, or withdraw the licences; (b) to supervise the access to transmission and distribution pipelines and natural gas storage facilities. The activities subject to licence shall be: (a) natural gas transmission; (b) natural gas storage; (c) natural gas distribution; (d) natural gas trading; (e) public utility wholesale; (f) public utility supply; (g) establishment and operation of an organised natural gas market; (h) system operation; (i) access to the cross-border natural gas transmission pipeline; (j) distribution and supply of propane-, butane gases and their mixtures through pipeline. The operation licence shall be valid for an indefinite period of time.
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Entry into force notes
The Act, except for the provisions of Sections (2)-(6), enters into force on 1 January 2004.
Sections (2) and (4) of 50, sub-sections a), c), i), j), m) and o) of 55, subsections b) and d) of Section (1) of 56, 57, 81, 83 and Section (1) of 84 and Sections (1)-(4) and (6)-(10) of 85 of this act enter into force on 1 August 2003. Section (3) of 50 of this act enters into force on the 45th day after the promulgation of this act. Sections (1) and (5) of 50 and sub-sections l) and m) of Section (2) of 56 of this Act enter into force on 1 October 2003. Section (6) of 6, Section (12) of 33, Section (6) of 38, Section (2) of 62, 63, Section (4) of 75 enter into force on the day when the act promulgating the international contract on the accession of the Republic of Hungary to the European Union will take effect, and 53 of this act will simultaneously be repealed.
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