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Presidential Regulation no. 70 of 2023 concerning Land Allocation for Investment Management.

Type of law

This Presidential Regulation concerns the allocation of land for the arrangement of investment in the sectors of mining, plantation, and forest utilisation. The regulation aims at achieving the efficiency of resource utilisation and their integrated management; the equity of land use; the granting of land rights; the fair distribution of land to the local communities; and the welfare of the people. The Regulation concerns: forest area direction map; cooperatives; village-owned enterprises; integrated business licensing system; community management. The Regulation provides for: establishing a task force that is responsible for mapping, recommending, and facilitating the land use and investment arrangement; empowering the sectoral Ministers to evaluate the business licenses of the land users and to report the results to the task force for further actions; defining criteria and procedures for classifying and allocating the land for different types of business entities, such as village-owned enterprises, regional-owned enterprises, small and medium enterprises, and large-scale enterprises, and local business entities in the land allocation process; prohibiting the transfer of land ownership in certain cases; imposing sanctions for violations.
Date of text
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State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia no. 138 of 2023.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Peraturan Presiden Republik Indonesia nomor 70 tahun 2023 tentang Pengalokasian Lahan Bagi Penataan Investasi.