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Regulation of the Minister of Marine Affaires and Fishery No. PER.08/MEN/2012 regulating Port for Fisheries.

Type of law

This Regulation, consisting of 16 Chapters divided in 40 articles, regulates all the environmental standards, legal and administrative procedures that Ports for Fisheries must comply and any other related activities. The Regulation is divided as follows: General Provisions (Chap. I); System of National Fishery Port (Chap. II); Fishery Port Development Plan (Chap. III); Development and Operation of Fishery Port (Chap. IV); Fishery Port Operation Management (Chap. V); Class Determination and Promotion of Fishery Port (Chap. VI); Work Area and Operation of Fishery Port (Chap. VII); Exploitation of Fishery Port (Chap. VIII); Port Administration for Fishing Vessels (Chap. IX); Work Relationship at Fishery Port (Chap. X); Development of Fishery Port (Chap. XI); Management and Report on Fishery Port (Chap. XII); Information Centre on Fishery Port (Chap. XIII); Other Provisions (Chap. XIV); Transitional Provisions (Chap. XV); Closing Provisions (Chap. XVI).
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Entry into force notes
This Regulation enters into force on the day of its publication.
Serial Imprint
Business News No. 8388, 5 April 2013, pp. 18-38.
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