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Fisheries Law No. 31/2004.

Type of law

The Law is a basic fisheries legislation consisting of 111 articles divided into 17 Chapters: General provisions (I); Principles and objectives (II); Scope (III); Fish cultivation (IV); Fishery business (V); Fishery information system and statistics (VI); Levies (VII); Fishery research and development (VIII); Fishery education, training and elucidations (IX); Empowerment of small fishermen and small fish breeders (X); Delegation of duty and assistance (XI); Monitoring of fishery affairs (XII); Court of fishery affairs (XIII); Investigation, prosecution and examination in the sessions of the court of fishery affairs (XIV); Criminal provisions (XV); Transitory provisions (XVI); Closing provisions (XVII).
The Law stipulates provisions on utilization of fish resources, either for fish catching or fish breeding, in the Indonesian EEZ and the open seas according to the international conditions, to ensure their preservation and the protection of the environment. The Ministry shall determine provisions for the regulation of: fishing gear, allowable catch, fish breeding, prevention of pollution, protected fish, etc. (art. 7). All individuals and companies carrying out fishing business shall be licensed, except for small fishermen and small fish breeders. The Government shall establish a court of fishery affairs authorized to examine, hear and rule criminal cases in fishery affairs.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The Law enters into force on 6 October 2004.
Page 8A including Chapters II and III of the Law is missing in the Official Gazette and an official translation has been inserted. The Law repeals article 16 paragraph (1) of Law on the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone (Law No. 5).
Serial Imprint
Business News Nos. 7158-7159, 5 January 2005, pp. 6A-17A; No. 7160, 7 January 2005, pp. 2A-16A; and Nos. 7161-7162, 12 January 2005, pp. 6A-9A.
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The page No. 8 is omitted.
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