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European Communities (Control of Dangerous Substances in Aquaculture) Regulations 2008 (S.I. No. 466 of 2008).

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These Regulations concern the control of discharge of dangerous substances in marine waters in the course of aquaculture activities. Dangerous substances is defined by Directive 2006/11/EC of the European Parliament and the Council. The Regulations specify conditions at which a licensing authority may grant an aquaculture licence. These conditions aim at protection of the aquatic environment, human health, plant health, animal health or welfare and the environment in general. In addition, the Regulations: require a licensee to maintain and make available for inspection records which relate to the activity subject to an aquaculture licence; specify powers of inspection of authorized officers; grant powers to the Minister to establish water quality standards in respect of an area that is the subject of an aquaculture licence; and require the Minister to publish a pollution reduction programme.
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