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European Communities (Welfare of Pigs) Regulations, 1995.

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These Regulations lay down the standards for the protection of pigs kept in intensive or other systems of breeding, rearing or fattening and give effect to Council Directive No. 91/630/EEC. They Regulations set down rules for the accommodation of pigs and the general conditions to be met to assure the health and welfare of the pigs. The tethering of sows and gilts shall be prohibited subject to a few exceptions unless it is performed under the authorization of the Minister in accordance with provisions of regulation 5. A person who owns or for the time being has under his control pigs, and every person engaged in the keeping of pigs, shall ensure that the conditions for keeping for breeding, rearing and fattening of such pigs comply with the general provisions laid down in the Schedule. No person shall import a pig from a third country unless it is accompanied by a certificate, issued by a competent authority of that country, certifying that the animal has received treatment at least equivalent to that granted to animals of European Community origin as provided for in the Council Directive.
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