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Council Directive 91/630/EEC laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs.

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This Directive lays down the minimum standards for the protection of pigs confined for rearing and fattening. All holdings newly-built or rebuilt and/or brought into use for the first time shall comply with requirement set in this directive on minimum floor area available to each weaner or rearing pig reared in a group and in holdings with approved installations. Member States shall ensure that inspections are carried out under the responsibility of the competent authority in order to check that the provisions of this Directive and its Annex are being complied with. Animals imported from non-member countries must, with respect to the requirements for their welfare, whilst being reared, receive treatment at least equivalent to that guaranteed by this Directive to animals of Community origin. Annex regards housing, particularly stalls and equipment with which the pigs may come into contact, hygiene criteria, conditions under which pigs should be kept, feeding and watering. Under chapter II of the Annex are set specific provisions for various categories of pigs. (12 articles and 1 Annex)
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CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 340, 11 December 1991, pp. 33-38.
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