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European Union (Food and Feed Hygiene) Regulations 2019 (S.I. No. 674 of 2019).

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These Regulations give effect to selected European legislation concerning food and feed hygiene. Generally, these Regulations shall apply to all stages of production, processing and distribution of food and feed. the Regulations require food businesses (as defined) to be registered with a registering authority. A person shall not operate a food business to which- (i) Article 4(3) of Regulation No 853/2004, or (ii) Article 2 of Regulation No 210/2013 applies other than under and in accordance with a food business approval or operate a feed business to which Article 10 of Regulation No 183/2005 applies other than under and in accordance with a feed business approval. Such approval may be suspended or revoked. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland shall maintain and publish, in a manner that the Authority considers appropriate, the register of approved food businesses on the basis of information furnished by registering authorities.
Other matters covered by these Regulations concern, among other things, the prohibition to import, manufacture or place on the market undesirable substances in feedingstuffs, records, notification of the import of food, functions of authorized officers, measures of enforcement (e.g. compliance notices) and contravention of EU legislation.
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