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European Union Habitats (Old Domestic Buildings, Rylane Special Area of Conservation 002314) Regulations 2015 (S.I. No. 628 of 2015).

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These Regulations designate an area as a Special Areas of Conservation in accordance with Article 4 of European Union s Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC). The Regulations, among other things: specify in Schedule 3 natural habitat types and animal and plant species for purposes of the Directive and to introduce measures required to maintain or restore the natural habitats and the populations of species of wild fauna and flora at a favourable status; list in Schedule 4 activities that have potential to cause disturbance or damage to the natural habitat types and animal and plant species specified in Schedule 3 and that require consent; provide that contravention of the provisions of these Regulations shall constitute an offence.
Activities of Schedule 4 include effluent discharge, introduction, or re-introduction, of plants or animals not found in the area (consent is not required for the planting of crops on established reseeded grassland or cultivated land), application of pesticides near water, including herbicides, planting of trees or multi-annual bioenergy crops, felling of trees or removing timber. Activities other than those listed at Schedule 4 to these Regulations, such as effluent discharge, construction work, aquaculture, fishing or forestry require a licence or permission from the appropriate consent authority.
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