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Food Safety and Standards (Food Recall Procedure) Regulations, 2017.

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These Regulations, consisting of 16 sections completed by three Schedules, specify Food Safety and Standards (Food Recall Procedure). The objectives of the food recall procedure are: 1) Ensure removal of food under recall from all stages of the food chain in accordance with section 28 of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006; 2) ensure dissemination of information to concerned consumers and customers; and 3) ensure retrieval, destruction or reprocessing of food under recall. These regulations shall apply to the food or food products that are determined or prima facie considered unsafe and/or as may be specified by the Food Authority from time to time. Food articles which require the mandatory mention of statutory warnings related to consumption being injurious to health may not be treated as unsafe food as part of any recall plan unless they are specifically determined unsafe and injurious to health.
Schedules lay down the following issues: Food Recall Information; Food Recall Status Report Format; Food Recall Termination Request Format.
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These Regulations enter into force on the day of their publication in the Official Gazette.
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