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Milk and Milk Product Order, 1992.

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The purpose of this Order is to regulate the production, supply and distribution of milk and milk products.
This Order shall establish a Milk and Milk Product Advisory Board, and shall define its internal organization and its functions and duties. The Board shall aid and advise the Central Government on any matter concerning the production, manufacture, sale, purchase and distribution of milk and milk products.
The Order sets out procedures for obtaining a registration certificate from the Registering Authority in order to set up a new establishment producing and processing milk or expanding the capacity of an existing one. Terms and conditions of the registration shall include sanitary, hygienic conditions, quality and food safety.
The Order further provides for the following matters: designation of a Controller responsible for the general implementation and control of the provisions of this Order; power of the Registering Authority to enter, inspect and seize any premises in which the manufacturing or processing of milk is carried out; temporary restrictions on the production of milk products; sanitary requirements for milk and milk products; packaging, marking and labelling of milk and milk products; offences and penalties; etc.
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This Order enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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