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Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules, 1955.

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The Rules consist of the following Parts: Preliminary (I); The Central Food Laboratory (II); Definitions and Standards of Quality (III); Public Analysts and Food Inspectors (IV); Sealing, Fastening and Despatch of Samples (V); Colouring Matter (VI); Packing and Labelling of Foods (VII); Prohibition and Regulating of Sales (VIII); Conditions for Sale and Licence (IX); Preservatives (X); Poisonous metals (XI); Anti-oxidants and Emulsifying and Stabilizing Agents (XII); Flavouring Agents (XIII).
The Central Food Laboratory shall carry out (a) analysis of samples of food sent by any officer or authorized authority; (b) investigations for the purposes of determining food standards; (c) activities in collaboration with the laboratories of Public Analysts in the various States for the standardization of the methods of analysis. The Rules set out qualifications and duties of public analysts and food inspectors. Detailed provisions regard the following: (a) packaging and labelling of food; (b) food additives; (c) sale of certain food products; (d) food preservatives; (e) containers destined to come into contact with food. The manufacture, sale, storage, distribution of food are subject to the issuance of a licence, according to the conditions set out in article 50. The Rules are followed by Appendix A, containing specimens of the different forms to be filled in by the competent authorities (e.g., certificate of test or analysis, report of the public analyst), and Appendix B, regarding the fixation of food quality standards.
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Rules as amended up to 31 March 1962.
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Photocopy, 55 pp.
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