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Law No. 27 of 1999 concerning the establishment of the General Authority for Water and Sewage.

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This Law, consisting of 18 articles divided in VI Sections, instructs the local authorities in charge of processing drinking and raw water and the discharge of sewage and rainwater in all parts of Iraq beyond the boundaries of the Municipality of Baghdad. To meet this objective, the General Authority for Water and Sewage is established. Its tasks are: to conduct surveys and studies; to propose annual, medium and long-term plans; to follow up the implementation of decisions and plans. The VI Sections are: Establishment and Objectives (I); General Director of the Authority (II), and the art. 4 specifies his functions; bodies of the Authority (III): they are: the Central Body of the Authority, Water Department and the Sewer Department: the two departments have an own General Manager, whose functions are indicated by art.6; Financial Provisions (IV); Fees (V): concerning the fees needed for the establishment of hydro networks, water distribution and sewer services; Final Provisions (VI). This Law imposes water connections to all the private properties in the country and if the owner declines to participate, the competent authority should work on his behalf.
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The Law enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
This Law repeals Law No. 46 of 1979 concerning the General Establishment for Water and Sewage and Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 264 of 1987.
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(27) 1999