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Legislative Decree No. 333 implementing Directive 93/119/EC on the protection of animals at the time of slaughter or killing.

Type of law

This Decree shall apply to the movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter and killing of animals bred and kept for the production of meat, skin, fur or other products and to methods of killing animals for the purpose of disease control. Slaughterhouses and material to be used for slaughtering shall be built, projected and used in a way that any excitement, pain or suffering during movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter or killing shall be spared to animals. Only expert personnel shall be involved in such activities and inspections and controls in slaughterhouses shall be carried out under the responsibility of the competent authority. A sanitary certificate shall accompany meat coming from third countries stating that the animals have been slaughtered following principals similar to those governing this Decree. In Annex are set detailed rules for movement, restraint, stunning and killing of animals.(16 articles and 7 Annexes)
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Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana No. 226, 28 September 1998.
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in force
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