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Council Directive 93/119/EC on the protection of animals at the time of slaughter or killing.

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This Directive shall apply to the movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter and killing of animals bred and kept for the production of meat, skin, fur or other products and to methods of killing animals for the purpose of disease control. Animals shall be spared any avoidable excitement, pain or suffering during movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter or killing. No person shall engage in the movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter or killing of animals unless he has the knowledge and skill necessary to perform the tasks humanely and efficiently, in accordance with the requirements of this Directive. Inspections and controls in slaughterhouses shall be carried out under the responsibility of the competent authority. Injured or diseased animals must be slaughtered or killed on the spot. In Annex are set the rules for restraint of animals before stunning, slaughter or killing.
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CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 340, 31 December 1993, pp. 21-34.
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