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Legislative Decree No. 532 implementing EEC Directive No. 91/628/CEE on animal protection during transport.

Type of law

With a view to ensure the protection of the animals during transport, the Decree establishes the powers of the Local Health Authorities (USL), the custom check points and other competent offices. The checks to be carried out by said authorities concern several different aspects: (a) the origin of the animals, the place of departure and destination, the date and time of departure; (b) the qualifications and requirements of personnel; (c) the enforcement of measures to avoid animals' unnecessary sufferings during transport; (d) the control of the transportation means and of the animals at the moment of arrival. Final provisions concern measures to be taken towards the responsible for the transport in case of contravention.
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Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana No. 7, 11 January 1993, pp. 48-56.
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