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Legislative Decree No. 68 implementing Directive 97/4/EC in matter of labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs destined to final consumers.

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Legislative Decree No. 109 of 1992 is hereby amended and supplemented as follows: article 3, paragraph 1 and article 5, paragraph 2, are supplemented; article 4, paragraph 1, article 7, paragraph 2a), article 8, article 10, paragraph 1 as well as article 18 are replaced; paragraphs from 1-bis to 1-quinquies are added to article 4; paragraph 2-bis is added to article 17. Particular provisions concern the sales names of foodstuffs. The name under which a foodstuff is sold shall be the name provided for in the Community provisions applicable to it. In the absence of Community provisions, the name under which a product is sold shall be the name established by the applicable national laws, regulations and administrative provisions.
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