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Legislative Decree No. 109 implementing EEC Directives 89/395/CEE and 89/396/CEE concerning the labelling, packaging and advertising of foodstuffs.

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The Decree is divided into two main sections. Section 1 makes provision for the labelling of foodstuffs in general. The labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs must not mislead the consumer on the characteristics (i.e. quality, quantity, durability, origin, etc.) or particular medicinal properties of the product. Article 3 establishes all the information to be provided in the label, which are, among others, the name of the product, the list of ingredients, the net weight, the expiry date, etc. Subsequent articles (4-18) identify further specific information to be given.
Section 2 makes provision for the labelling of the following specific foodstuffs: beer, butter, camomile, cereals and bread, fresh cheese, margarine, honey, oil, tomato peel and rice.
Two schedules contain the list of ingredients where the category name may be substitute for the specific name (Schedule I) and of categories which must be indicated by the name of their category followed by the specific name or EC number, respectively (Schedule II).
Date of consolidation/reprint
This Legislative Decree is consolidated with amendments of:Legislative Decree No. 77 of 16 February 1993;Presidential Decree No. 175 of 6 February 1996 (G.U. No. 76, 30 March 1996);Presidential Decree No. 311 of 28 July 1997 (G.U. No. 218, 18 September 1997);Presidential Decree No. 502 of 30 November 1998.Last amended by Law No. 88 of 03 July
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Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana No. 39, 17 February 1992, pp. 43-56.
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