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Law on peasant farms.

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This Act defines the concept of 'peasant farm' and regulates marginally its activities. It is not allowed for state, cooperative and other social organizations and institutions to interfere in economic activities of peasant's farms except in cases of violation of legislation by them. Article 5 defines types of peasant's farms. A peasant's farm is established on the strictly voluntary basis. Each citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic meeting the requirements of the Paragraph 2, Article 3, is entitled to establish a peasant farm. To keep a peasant farm a kolkhoz (sovkhos) is entitled to allocate a share fund in the form of money or in kind to a collective farmer (worker of the sovkhos) due to him/her leaving the kolkhos membership. A peasant farm may own dwelling houses, household buildings, plantations on the land plot, workstock, poultry, agricultural machinery and implements, transport and other property for independent management of agricultural production and ancillary craft. A peasant's farm is entitled to own on-farm products and also profit from their sale, after tax and other payments used at its discretion (art. 7). The second Chapter concerns matters of land tenure and use of land of peasant farms.
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