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Quarantine Act Cap. 9.23.

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This Act sets forth provisions on the establishment of a Quarantine Authority and its powers and duties for the protection of public health by imposing quarantine measures in cases of emergency. The Governor-General may, acting in accordance with the recommendation of the Public Service Commission, appoint Health Officers, Visiting Officers, quarantine guards and such other employees and servants as may be necessary for the purposes of this Act. The Minister may make regulations, including the ports and coastal waters, for preventing danger to public health from ships or aircraft and the spread of infection, by means of any ship or aircraft.
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An Act to make provision for the imposition of quarantine measures in order to protect public health, and in that connection to establish a Quarantine Authority; and to provide for related or incidental matters.
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This is a consolidated version of the law, revised by the Law Revision Commission on 31st of December, 2002.
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