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Quarantine (Air) Regulations.

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This Regulation lays down quarantine measures and sanitary provisions for the aircraft arriving in the State. To this end, commander of every aircraft arriving in the State shall inform a Health Officer or an authorised officer of any death, and of any case or suspected case of infectious disease, on board the aircraft, as long as possible before arrival, and provide all information and assistance as may reasonably be required for the purposes of these regulations on arrival. In case any specified infectious disease makes its appearance in any part of the State, all details shall be recorded by the competent authority. Moreover, all aircraft on entering the State shall make their first landing at a sanitary aerodrome or an authorised aerodrome approved by order of the Quarantine Authority for use as a prescribed aerodrome either generally or in the particular case or class of case. In addition, this Regulation sets forth provisions on the powers of health officers, measures to be applied on the landing of sick persons, disinsectisation prior to landing, and special sanitary measures in the case of plague, cholera, typhus and smallpox.
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This is a consolidated version of the Quarantine Act which annexes these Regulations, revised by the Law Revision Commission on 31st of December, 2002.
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