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Enforcement Decree of the Framework Act on Consumers.

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The purpose of this Decree is to prescribe the matters delegated by the Framework Act on Consumers and those necessary for the enforcement thereof. The scope of those who use any goods or services (including facilities) for production activities from among the consumers provided for in the Framework Act on Consumers shall be as follows: A person who finally uses any goods or services supplied: Provided, that those who use the furnished goods, etc. as raw materials (including intermediate materials), capital goods, or other equivalents for production activities shall be excluded; A person who uses the furnished goods, etc. for agricultural (including the livestock industry) and fishery activities: Provided, That a person who is engaged in the distant water fisheries after obtaining permission from the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries pursuant to Article 6 (1) of the Distant Water Fisheries Development Act, shall be excluded. Local governments may enact under subparagraph 1 of Article 6 of the Act the Municipal Ordinances which include the following matters: Policies on consumer safety; Furnishing of information on major policies or policy-making matters related to consumers; Investigation, recommendation, publication, etc. for inducing the rationalization of the indication of business entities, transactions, etc.; Assistance to consumer organizations and cooperatives under Article 2 of the Consumer Cooperatives Act, etc.
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Consolidated version of Presidential Decree No. 19958 of 27 March 2007 as amended last by Presidential Decree No. 26486 of 11 August 2015
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