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Framework Act on Consumers.

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The purpose of this Act is to prescribe consumers' rights and duties, the duties of the State, local governments and enterprisers, the roles of consumer organizations and relationship between consumers and enterprisers in free market economy in order to protect consumers' rights and interests, and also to prescribe basic matters necessary for comprehensively facilitating consumer policies, and thereby to contribute to the improvement of consumers' lives and the development of national economy. It specifies the following: Method of use, matters of caution and warning in use and keeping; Date of manufacture, quality guarantee period, or in cases of goods, such as foods and medicine, which are apt to be altered in the course of distribution, the validity period of such goods. Consumers shall have the fundamental rights as follows: to have their lives, bodies or property protected against any danger and injury caused by goods or services; to be provided with the knowledge and information necessary for selecting goods, etc.; to have their opinions reflected in policies of the State and local governments, business activities of enterprisers, etc.; to obtain proper compensation for damages sustained due to use of goods, etc.; to receive the education necessary for carrying on their rational lives as consumers; to establish an organization and work therein in order to promote their rights and interests as consumers; to enjoy consumption in a safe and pleasant consumption environment.
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