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Law No.24 of 2015 adding articles 5 bis, 5 bis a, 5 bis b, and 5 bis c to the Law No.94 of 1983 concerning the establishment of the Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources.

Type of law

This Law consisting of 3 articles adds some provisions to the original Law. Mainly (i) it establishes provisions to be observed when the Authority allocates and distributes agricultural holdings, areas for livestock breeding, marine fisheries, and other holdings and prohibits their assignment by either sale, or use, investment or rent between individuals or between them and the private sector; (ii) the Authority is required to conduct regular checks on the holdings it assigns and distributes and, if it detects any violations, it may cancel the assignments; and (iii) the current beneficiary of all types of licenses is obligated to meet the conditions within one year from the date of this Law.
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This law enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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