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Lesotho Highlands Development Authority Order (No. 23 of 1986).

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This Order establishes the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority as a body corporate and provides with respect to its functions, powers, administration and operation. The Act also concerns development of Lesotho Highlands and ancillary development matters such as water management and conservation, regulation of fisheries and protection of the environment. The governing body of the Authority shall be a Board of Directors.
The Authority shall, notwithstanding the Water Resources Act, 1978, carry out various functions in the field of water supply, drainage, flood control and protection of the catchment areas and promote sustainable use of water resources. The Authority may prepare and submit to the Minister a Scheme for the development of water resources in Lesotho for the purposes of storing, distributing and supplying water. In the carrying out of an approved scheme, the Authority shall take such precautions and make such provisions as the Minister may consider adequate for the protection of and avoidance of injury to fisheries during or in consequence of the carrying out of the approved scheme. The Authority shall also in carrying out a scheme take all reasonable measures to protect the environment. The Authority shall also carry out such irrigation and drainage schemes as the Minister may, from time to time, direct and may maintain, improve and develop fisheries in the waters under its control. The Order also prohibits pollution of waters and grants rule-making powers to the Authority.
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