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Local Government Act 1996 (No. 6 of 1997).

Type of law

This Act makes provision with respect to local government in Lesotho. It, among other things: grants powers to the Minister to establish Community, Rural, Urban and Municipal Councils; defines functions and powers of local authorities; provides with respect to their organization and administration; and establishes the Local Government Service Commission and, for each administrative district, a District Planning Unit and a District Development Co-ordinating Committee.
Every local authority shall, subject to the powers reserved to or vested in any other authority by this Act, or by any other written law, be the authority, within its administrative limits, charged with the regulation, control and administration of all matters as set out in the First Schedule. Councils shall have the power to make By-laws. A Community Council shall perform those subject and functions as specified in the Second Schedule. Matters included in the First Schedule include: control of natural Resources (e.g. sand, stones) and environmental protection; public health matters including food inspection; physical planning; land allocation; grazing control; water supply; (protection of) water resources; and preservation, improvement and control of designated forests in local authority areas
Long title of text
An Act to make provision for the establishment of Local Authorities and for the purpose of LocaI Government in Lesotho and for matters incidental thereto.
Date of text
This Act repeals, among other things the Local Administration Act 1969 and the Urban Government Act 1983.
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