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Milk Hygiene Regulations 1999.

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These Regulations provide for the control on the manufacture and placing on the market of milk and other dairy products from cows, goats or sheep. A person who wishes to carry out business of milking, selling milk or providing it for human consumption shall apply for registration to the Lesotho National Dairy Board. The Board shall not consider an application for the issue of a certificate for registration unless a full inspection of the premises has been carried out by a suitable trained and qualified health inspector. The Regulations, among other things: set out animal health requirements for raw milk; specify requirements for milking sheds; provide hygiene rules for the handling of milk; prescribe general conditions of hygiene in dairy plants; specify standards for the acceptance of raw milk at dairy plants; specify standards for dairy products other than cheese and butter; provide rules for the packaging and labelling requirements for milk and milk products.
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