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Public Health Order (No. 12 of 1970).

Type of law

The Order provides for the protection of public health and also concerns in some sections food hygiene and water protection and nuisances. It defines the functions of the functions of the Ministry of Health. It also defines what constitutes a nuisance and provides for corrective action by health officers. As for the protection of foodstuffs, the Order provides rules for the storage of foodstuffs and prohibits the sale of food for human consumption in a tainted, adulterated, diseased or unwholesome state, or which is unfit for human consumption It also prohibits sale of any food for any animal which is in an unwholesome state or unfit for its use. No person shall collect, prepare, manufacture, keep, transmit or expose for sale any foodstuffs without taking adequate measures to guard against or prevent any infection or contamination thereof. The Order grants ample regulation-making powers to the Minister.
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An Order to make provision for Public Health.
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Legislation Amendment