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Town and Country Planning Act (No. 11 of 1980).

Type of law

The Act empowers the planning authorities to prepare development plans in order to ensure sustainable development of land. This Act shall apply to any area designated by the Minister by Notice in the Gazette. The Act establishes the Town and Country Planning Board. The Planning Authority shall prepare a development plan in respect of any area to which this Act applies. Permission of the Minister shall be required group of land or building uses which may be prescribed by Order of the Minister. If it appears to the Planning Authority that: (a) any development of land has been carried out without the grant of permission required under this Act, or (b) the conditions subject to which the permission was granted have not been complied with, it may within four years of such development being carried out, or, in the case of non-compliance with a condition, within four years after the date of alleged failure to comply with it, serve on the owner and occupier of the land an enforcement notice.
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An Act to provide for orderly development of land and to preserve and improve the amenities thereof; to promote efficiency and economy in the process of such development; and for connected purposes.
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