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Town and Country Planning (Development) Order (L.N. No. 233 of 1991).

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This Order specifies permitted development, requires a planning permission to be obtained for certain development and provides with respect to other matters related to development control. Any planning permission granted shall run with the land. The permission granted by the Planning Authority shall be subject to the standard conditions contained in Part II of the First Schedule. Planning permission may also be granted by a local council if authority has been delegated to such council. The Authority may give a directions to a local council and appeal may be had against planning decisions made under this Order by the Planning Authority or a local council. Permitted development includes traditional use of land and carrying out on agricultural land lawfully occupied and having an area or more than one hectare, comprised in an agricultural unit, of building or engineering operations requisite for the use of that land for the purpose of agriculture or for the housing of persons solely engaged in agriculture on that land only.
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